Some interesting figures for Commercial Agents

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Some interesting figures for Commercial Agents


We have examined social media and its use and relevance to the commercial property sector at length over the past months. We’ve looked at the most effective social media channels for commercial agents; whether commercial agents need LinkedIn and how they should go about setting up a LinkedIn profile. We looked at what you could get from Facebook (…if anything) and even asked whether commercial agents had a place on Twitter?

Although it still remains to be seen whether some of these channels could benefit the small to medium sized commercial agency, undoubtedly LinkedIn is a must. So with that in mind, here are some findings that may be of interest:

  • LinkedIn now has 147 million users worldwide
  • Year-on-year, worldwide membership has grown by 45%.
  • During the same period the UK saw 40% growth, nearly 10% more than North America.
  • In Europe, the UK has by far the largest number of users with 8.4 million
  • Unsurprisingly perhaps the technology sector contributes the largest number of users at 14%
  • Interestingly 10.9% of users work in the Finance sector.
  • Worldwide, 42% of members are women
  • In Europe 74% of users are aged between 25 and 54. Just under half of those are aged between 35-54.

The common misconception that I come up against in the commercial property sector is that social media is only for the young and junior staff. This is certainly not the case with LinkedIn where CEO’s, MD’s Owners, Directors and managers make up 39% of all membership.

Have you sorted out your profile yet?

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant