Social networking for Estate Agents - survival guide

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Social networking for Estate Agents - survival guide

Resource Techniques Social Networking for Estate AgentsSocial networks can feel like an unexplored online jungle, and the best way to survive in the jungle is to come prepared. Luckily the team at Resource Techniques has compiled the 5 best ways for Estate Agents to make sure that their brand image stays intact.

1. Actively search for brand mentions - Using Twitter, Facebook and even Google, Estate Agents can search their own brand name to see if the local people have mentioned them. Directly addressing both positive and negative comments can work wonders.

2. Choose wisely - Being active on every social network is impossible so choosing your social networks wisely is vital. Resource Techniques regularly helps Estate Agents move into the world of social networking.

3. Be consistent - Just like a logo, people need to instantly recognise you from a consistent online image. The best way to do this is not to pass on social networking to a member of staff but for Estate Agents to use social networking themselves.

4. Limit self promotion - use the 80/20 ratio. Share content, help others and dispense expert knowledge 80% of the time and only promote your Estate Agency 20% of the time. This means that when you do occasionally promote, people will listen.

5. Drunken networking - Never mix alcohol and social networking. Brand images that have taken years to grow will be shattered from one message.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'The best way to succeed in social networking is to be yourself and show people that you are the local Estate Agent that people turn to for expert advice.'