Social Media Reports from Google Analytics

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Social Media Reports from Google Analytics

Have you ever doubted the importance of Social Media? Google has released some new Google Analytics features, which gives you even more ways to use reports to improve your business and includes a social media feature that measures the value of your social campaigns.

Measure the value of social media with Google Analytics

Social media for SEO is more important than ever and Google Analytics now lets you measure the impact of your social marketing campaigns.

The four new reports collect key data to help you see the effects your social media has on your business.

If you are interested in checking out your social media efforts, you will find the Social Value Overview, Social Sources, Social Plugins and Conversion Reports in the Traffic Sources section of your Google Analytics Account.

What else is new with Google Analytics?

Export and Share Reports

Another new feature is that Google Analytics now lets you export and share reports. You can export, download or email any report directly from your account. You are even able to auto share, for example if you wished to send weekly reports to your boss you can get them automatically sent.

Track paths through flowcharts

This is a very interesting new feature that allows you to see the order in which visitors trigger clicks and the popular paths people take when on your website. There is also a date comparison feature with all Flow reports so you are able to see how visitor engagement changes over time.

Check out some of these reports via Visitor Flow, Goal Flow or the Events flow.

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