Smartphone stats for Commercial Agents

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Smartphone stats for Commercial Agents

We are all aware of the ever-increasing popularity of the Smartphone. In 2012 39% of adults in the UK owned a smartphone, a 12% increase on 2012. Yet the following findings indicate just how important our iPhones and Androids have become to us and just how much we would sacrifice to keep them.

  • 70% of Smartphone users are never further than 3 metres from their phone. (Ofcom)
  • 40% of Smartphone users say their primary device for accessing the internet is their mobile phone. (Ofcom)
  • 42% are regularly using their smartphones to access social networking sites. (Ofcom)
  • In fact according to research carried out by 02, using your Smartphone to actually make a phone call is only the 5th most popular activity. Browsing the Internet is the most popular followed by checking social networks and playing games.
  • 51% use their device to watch video. (Ofcom)
  • Apparently 15% of iPhone user would much rather abstain from sex for a month than have to give up their beloved iPhone. (

And finally, this last fact is only loosely related, but equally as interesting - according to Cosmopolitan, 57% of women would rather give up on sex altogether than have to stop using the Internet.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant