Shorten your links through Google Maps

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Shorten your links through Google Maps

Estate Agents, Google Maps have now added a link shortener to stop those annoyingly long web addresses from Google Maps. This feature can now be enabled through Google Maps Labs.

After testing this out Resource Techniques has found out that this does not work for individual property listings, the good news though is that all Estate Agents can still shorten Google Property listings. All you have to do is click on the blue link labelled 'Link' next to 'Print' and 'Email on the top right hand side and copy the shown link into your own url shortener such as

Estate Agents, why not try our own list of shortened links through Google Maps. Names and addresses on a postcard please:

This isn't the only feature Estate Agents can enable through Google Maps:

  • Distance Measurement Tool - Measure a distance between two points on Google Maps.
  • Show Me Here! - With a single click on the map, Estate Agents can focus to the maximum zoom.
  • Drag 'n' Zoom - As it says on the tin, by clicking and dragging on the map, Google Maps will zoom into that area.
  • Aerial Imagery - Add Aerial Imagery to Google Maps.
  • Back to Beta - This only adds a BETA label to your Google Maps icon, for the geek inside of you.
  • Where in the World Game - Poor knowledge on world geography? We suggest you keep away from this.
  • Rotatable Maps - Want a little change? How about turning the world's map 90 and 180 degrees to get a new perspective on the world.
  • What's Around Here? - Adds the most popular places in a local area.
  • LatLng Tooltip - The mouse will always show the latitude and longitude when held over any part of Google Maps.
  • LatLng Marker - Drop a little marker to keep a Latitude and Longitude point saved.
  • Smart Zoom - Stop that annoying message “We don't have imagery at this level” ever again by enabling this application.