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Sexy Electric Orangutan

Sexy Electric Orangutan - SEO for Estate AgentsThis may sound a little random for an article title on SEO for Estate Agents but a word as random as “Sexy Electric Orangutan” actually has 69,300 results come back from Google. This means if your keyword was “Sexy Electric Orangutan” you would be competing with 69,300 other websites for page one. And even though this search term may not be searched by sane Estate Agents website designers, Google still has managed to find many websites which relate to that search term.

This shows you how even the most peculiar terms can have a lot of competition.

Choosing the correct keywords can be the make or break of your Estate Agent website. Without careful consideration on your competition for a certain keyword you may find yourself in a tricky spot when trying to get onto page one of Google.

“Estate agents in London” as you probably can guess, has an extremely high amount of competition. With around 3,280,000 results on Google it is an extremely difficult keyword to optimise for. To optimise for a search term as broad as this would take months and months of hard work, constant monitoring and huge costs to your business, and you still may find yourself struggling to get onto page one of Google.

Trying to optimise for too many keywords or something that has too much competition can be the downfall of your Estate Agent website. And yet many Estate Agents don’t like the idea of optimising for something more specific, but just because you are aiming for something more specific doesn’t necessarily mean your going to get less business from it.

Look at it like this “Estate Agents in London” has around 18,000 searches a month on Google alone, where as “Estate Agents in Enfield” still get around 1,300. With a little hard work you should be able to get onto page one of Google for the search term “Estate Agents in Enfield” within a few weeks/months.

And as the stats show that over 90% of users don’t go past page one of Google, the remaining 10% of users are spread out over the next 20-30 pages leaving very little traffic coming through to your website past page one.

This being said for the term “Estate Agents in London”, unless you are on page one, you still won’t generate as much traffic as you could do from being on page one for “Estate Agents in Enfield”.

In conclusion, the most efficient way to make your Estate Agent website a successful one is to choose more relevant keywords to your Estate Agent website.

By Luke Stanley - SEO Consultant