Seven heavenly ways to improve your articles

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Seven heavenly ways to improve your articles


Estate Agents that write their own articles make an overwhelming, two pronged attack on their website. Firstly, if the articles are relevant, they are boosting their SEO potential and secondly consistently great content will force users to become regular readers.

For more techniques to increase SEO on your Estate Agent website read ‘Top SEO strategies for Estate Agents in 2011’ by Luke Stanley.

Are you in a rush? Here are some simple ways to improve your articles condensed into bullet point form.

Grabbing headlines – you are probably only reading this article because of its captivating title

First sentence is a keeper – Working in the exact same way as a novel, the first sentence is crucial towards keeping the reader glued to your page. It is then up to the rest of your article to inform or make a solid argument.

Problem solving – Try to think about what questions people would like to ask Estate Agents therefore creating content that will benefit your customers – increasing the long tail traffic to your Estate Agent website.

Creative creation – try to think outside the box. Something new and innovative can easily spark an Estate Agent website visitor’s interest to delve deeper and see what else is in store.

Be controversial – Risky but a good way to make your readers think differently on one aspect of the property industry.

Lists/Bullets – Lists are a great way of providing information to the time-challenged and impatient portion of Estate Agent website visitors, which, seems to be almost anyone that uses the internet now days. Articles such as, ‘the top 10 things a first time buyer must know’ and ‘top 5 ways to increase the value of your property’ are both good examples.

Timeless masterpiece – OK it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but timeless articles provide value to anyone at any time in the foreseeable future. As soon as your article is published, people can read it one week, one month, one year and even one decade in the future and it will still be useful.