Setting up Twitter accounts for Estate Agents

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Setting up Twitter accounts for Estate Agents

Twitter is a great tool to generate tons of traffic as well as giving you the chance to become an authoritative figure in your local community.

Here is a simple step by step guide walking you through the process of setting up a Twitter business page:

1. Go to 2. Fill in the fields on the homepage; this includes your full name, email address and a password of your choice

3. The next screen allows you to pick a username. Keep this simple and stick with your company name (e.g. ResourceTechniques), if your company name is already taken add ‘estateagents’ to the end (e.g. COMPANYestateagents)

4. Your Twitter account is now live

5. You will now be prompted to start following other people, this means you will be able to receive or see their messages. You will need to follow at least five accounts to start with; this could be friends, businesses or celebrity profiles

6. You will then have to confirm your email address, via an email sent out to the account you registered with, this will allow you to access all the features available

Personalise your profile:

7. Plain Account? Let’s start to add some personality to it, select the ‘Gear’ symbol in the navigation

8. Click on ‘Settings’

9. Here you can edit all your settings. First click on the ‘Profile’ tab in the secondary navigation on the left hand side of the page

10. Here you should edit:

a. Your name – change it to the company name
b. Insert your location
c. Insert your website address
d. Write a short description about your business in the Bio. Who you are, what you do and what you will be talking about on Twitter. Keep it short as you only have 160 characters

11. Change header – here is where you can add personality to your homepage, select an image (similar to the cover photo on Facebook); the dimensions should be 1252 pixels wide by 626 pixels tall

12. Go to the ‘Design’ tab underneath the ‘Profile’ tab, here you can change the background of your profile page to be more personalised to you

13. Next go to the ‘Email Notifications’ tab above the ‘Profile’ tab. Here you can tell Twitter when you would like to be contacted by email. This can be every time someone mentions you (@YourUserName) in a tweet, when someone sends you a direct message or if someone new follows you

14. You should also check out Mashable’s Twitter guide. Twitter is unique and will seem alien to anyone who has not used it before. We strongly recommend you read this guide to learn about various aspects such as hashtags, retweets, and even twitter tips for executives

15. Be sure to ‘follow’ us (@RTechniques) and we will ‘follow’ you back!

Here are some good business profiles to give you inspiration on design and what to post:

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