Setting up a commercial agents LinkedIN Page

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Setting up a commercial agents LinkedIN Page

This week, we have a brief overview of how to setup your company’s LinkedIn page.


Where to start?

So what do you need to do to setup your company’s LinkedIn page. Well first things first, you will need to have setup your own personal page first (surely you must have this!), but once you have this, your company page is a doddle.


Add A Company

So you have logged-in to your own personal account, then click on `Companies’ situated on the primary navigation. This will take you to the Companies page and on the top right you’ll see “Add a Company”, which you need to click.

You’ll now be presented with the following 3 fields:

  • Company Name – Enter your company’s official name here, it will help LinkedIn to verify your existence.
  • Email Address – No Yahoo or Hotmail. It must be a corporate domain, so use your company email address. LinkedIn will send a verification email to this address
  • Verify You’re A Real Employee – Simply a check box to confirm that you `officially’ represent the company

Check your inbox, you should have received an account verification email from LinkedIn. A link will take you to the login page where you can enter your personal LinkedIn user name and password. This should take you to you company page template.


Company Overview Page

Your companies LinkedIn present consists of four pages:

  1. Overview
  2. Careers
  3. Products & Services
  4. Analytics

We`ll look at Overview and Products & Services, but LinkedIn is increasingly a great place to reach good commercial property talent. Therefore the Careers section is the place to list vacancies, but you will need to upgrade your account to a paid account for this.

The overview page has a variety of `required` and `optional` fields to be completed. Lets look at the `required` first:

  • Company Page Admins – It’s where you stipulate who can and cannot make changes to your company`s LinkedIn page. Ideally, you want to designate individuals tasked with on-going management. They all need a personal account as well.
  • Company Description – You have a min of 200 and a maximum of 2000 characters to construct a concise and engaging description of your company. This copy is important for search so ensure that its full of keywords. And cut out the jargon and industry speak.

There are now a few more required areas for your Company Type, Size and Company Website address. These simply require you to make selections from a pull-down menu. In addition you also need to make selections for Operation Status and Industry, also from pull down menus.

And now for the `optionals`:

  • Logo’s – Two options here:
    • Standard 100 x 60 pixels
    • Square 50 x 50 pixels – Pay attention to this. Usually a good crop is better than a resize. Just make it look professional.
  • Company Specialities – There are four default fields here, but you can add more by clicking `Add More Specialities”. Increase your company’s findability by using great keywords.
  • Twitter and Company RSS Feed Urls – We’ve just managed to get you to create your company’s LinkedIn page, I think we’ll leave these for another day. Its important, but one stage at a time hey?
  • Company Locations – Obvious me thinks.


Products & Services Page

This is only a optional page, but it really is a must for you to fill in as it enables you to be far more detailed about all the services you provide to the commercial property sector.

  • Product or Service – Simple check box
  • Select Category – choose from the dropdown
  • Name of Your Product or Service – This enables you to enter the exact name
  • Image of Product or Service – Its optional and only use if your really have a great image for `acquisition` or something that really conveys `rating`
  • Describe Your Product or Service – Make sure it to the point and that its loaded with keywords. Important that you think about this.
  • URL of Your Product or Service – This is a great function that enables you to point people to pages on your own site relevant to the service.
  • Contact From Your Company – Many Commercial Agents, will have specific individuals handling specific services or areas of expertise.
  • Add a Promotion – Perhaps a little far for most Chartered Surveyors, but you never know, you might want to offer a set of Steak Knives to every new commercial property management instruction that you get?


Create Audience Segments 

This is an optional section, but does demonstrate how powerful LinkedIn can be. It enables you to tailor your LinkedIn presence to the different audiences that you deal with. It ensures that whoever visits your LinkedIn page gets content relevant and targeted to them.

It enables you to segment by:

  • Company size
  • Job Function
  • Industry
  • Seniority
  • Geography

LinkedIn directs the individual to the appropriate page, based on that users own profile.


YouTube Video Embed

Finally, you can even embed a YouTube video on to your Products and Services page. We’ll be looking at online video in more detail over the coming weeks.


Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant