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SEO your Facebook!

Resource Techniques - SEO your FacebookFacebook as you will obviously be aware is becoming one of the most used websites on the Internet these days and therefore has become very popular with online marketers. Estate Agents have also jumped in on this as they have seen the benefits Social Networking can be for their Websites and for many Estate Agents it's becoming a second homepage for their online business.

For this reason many Estate Agents want to start optimising their Facebook fan page as well as their Website and not just to gain more fans and potential clients but to also rank higher in Google.

Here are 8 SEO tips and strategies that will help your Fan page rise to the top of the search results.

1) Use your brand name as your Fan page name:

This is an obvious one, the first thing you will do when setting up a Facebook fan page. Your brand name is the obvious choice and funnily enough works the best.

One crucial thing to remember, if you can avoid it, is to not change your fan page name once it's been done. Google picks up on pages that change their titles, so modifying your Facebook Page's will cost you SEO points.

2) Choosing the best Username:

Facebook user name is like the website domain name. Therefore, is very important to register your fan page URL as soon as you set it up.

It is recommended to use your brand name with some generic keywords, but be careful not to appear too spammy as Facebook has been known to blacklisted users for this. Sticking with your brand name alone is probably the best idea if you're not sure.

3) Use the “About” box to optimise your fan page:

This "About" box is for you to describe what your business is about. Use this to place important keywords which will relate to your business.

Keep in mind there is a 250 character limit so be sure to choose your words wisely.

4) As with your website, create fresh content regularly:

This can be anything from Status updates, events and wall posts. By updating fresh content regularly increases your chances of being shown high up in the Facebook Search.

5) Attach your YouTube Videos to your Fan page:

Videos are now one of the highest factors for search rankings due to Google having taken over YouTube. So attach all your videos, not only will it give you more visibility and traffic but will also affect your Google Search Results in a good way.

6) Link building:

Update your status with direct links to your homepage, news feeds or any other related page (such as your YouTube account). This will boost your link score on your Facebook fan page. Make sure you don’t overdo this otherwise you will be penalised.

7) Post photos with captions and events with descriptions:

All the photos you post and events you create should have keyword-rich descriptions. This will help with your SEO as well as user experience as they will know what the photos and events are.

8) Get more inbound links:

Inbound links help boost PageRank for websites and it's no difference for your Facebook fan page. You can do this by posting direct links in your website or include links in your websites footer linking back to Facebook (this is commonly done with a "Find us on Facebook" button).

These tips will help your fan page visibility on Google as well as drawing in a lot of traffic to your website.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant