SEO trends that will boost your rankings

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SEO trends that will boost your rankings

As we all know, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. Tactics and strategies that are relevant today may not be this time next year or even this time next month. Staying up to date with the latest trends and being prepared to evolve with the search engines will guarantee permanent high rankings.

So what are the key SEO trends that will boost your rankings today?

1. Backlinks from different sources

Backlinks are one of those trends that will always be a big part in how well Google will rank your website. Why Google ranks websites highly for links is it shows them that your website can be trusted as a lot of other websites are seeing your website as worthy for having a link.

Many SEO’s and Website Owners focus their link building efforts to much on similar or the same websites. Although this will still help, to gain the full benefit building links from multiple sources will give your website more of a boost.

2. Internal linking

Internal linking not only helps the site architecture of the website but allows Google to see which pages and keywords are important to you.

For those unclear of what internal linking is, it’s a link within your website that directs you to another page on your website that is related to the word. For example I may be saying “Resource Techniques specialises in SEO for Estate Agents” and link the phrase “SEO for Estate Agents” to our SEO for Estate Agents page.

3. Social Networking

Over the last few years Social Networking has become a major factor for the internet with hundreds of millions of users signing up and using them on a daily basis. This has obviously given Search Engines such as Google the idea to start ranking websites on how popular they are within Social Media.

They can monitor this by how many posts you do, how many users leave comments on your page or how many users ‘like’ or that are ‘following’ you, etc. Social Media can benefit your website/business in many ways.  

4. Increasing content

Dedicating a page to a keyword shows Google how important that certain phrase is for your website, not only is there a page full of dedicated content but also a URL, title tags and meta description that picks up on the importance of the page.

5. Focusing on local

The majority of your business comes from people within your local and surrounding areas, so why try to optimise for places that you don’t cover or have any properties for sale in?

Not only is it better for your website to be more specific on localised search but it is also easier to rank high on Google for a more specific location rather than a big city.    

6. Mobile Search

Smartphones have really flourished over the past few years, making it easier and faster for people to surf the net than ever before. With users now being able to search from anywhere, ranking high on your Smartphones can bring in a lot of business.

With the growth and technological advancements of the mobile phone, within the next few years it is very likely that more people will connect to the internet via mobile phone over their PC’s.

7. Website Speed

Over the last year Google has started using website speed as a major ranking factor within its algorithm, meaning it will rank faster sites higher than its competitors.

This has been implemented due to the fact users prefer fast websites over slow ones. So with your next redesign/update to your website make sure to consider the loading speed of your pages.

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