SEO - it's all about content.

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SEO - it's all about content.

Many people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves some sort of magic formula.

Sadly, quite a few SEO firms perpetuate this myth by shrouding their work in secrecy and mythology, spouting words like "algorithm" when they talk to potential clients. They make it seem like their SEO work is similar to driving the space shuttle and mere mortals can never do it.

Almost inevitably, We find that the sites people want optimized (and that the SEO firms work on) are filled rubbish, irrelevant, unrelated garble... They're poorly written. They ramble on and on in an egotistical way about what the companies' products and services do. They're filled with industry jargon and corporate gobbledygook.

Our advice to people is that they need to understand their buyers and create great content that buyers will want to consume. That way, their pages will attain high rankings as the search engines gradually reward the great content.

Usually we get this message pushed back. People say they just want an agency to "tweak our existing Web pages." And, of course, many SEO firms are happy to take their money to do this.

Sorry, this doesn't work. The only way to create high search engine results is to create great content that people want to link to.

Performing search engine optimization on sites filled with rubbish just makes it slightly less rubbish.

We're amazed by how a piece of interesting content (a blog post, an e-book, a Web page) can generate high rankings for a tiny company, rankings way above those of the big, famous organizations. Actually, we're not that amazed as these are sites we produce.

Your challenge: Go to Google and do a search for the important phrases that your buyers are using to find organizations like yours, and look at where you fall in the search results. Consider what great content you can publish to trigger a high search traffic, that will get people linking to your content and send your site to the top of the search results.