SEO for Estate Agents: Number one rule

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SEO for Estate Agents: Number one rule

This is a hugely debated subject among SEO specialists, what is the most important factor in SEO?  Everyone will have their own idea of what they think is the best SEO practice, for some content is king, for other link build or on-site optimisation will be the key and this list goes on and on.

Although when it comes to Search engine optimisation every Estate Agent and every website is unique. Everyone has their own set of goals and their own set of search results. There is obviously a basic range of white hat SEO strategies that every estate agency website needs to apply but then can come the tricky part, the next step you may need to take with SEO.

Most people can succeed in organic search with relatively little work and maintenance needed to be done, normally due to low amounts of competition, others may need to focus on long tail keywords, some may have to focus on getting traffic through social networking and others can target their audience better with video optimisation.

SEO success now relies on a mixture of strategies that uses all available online functions to promote and sale your business. You need a website that fulfils the needs of its audience, which will include easy usability, stunning imagery and graphics, clear interesting content and the latest functionalities (e.g. Google maps function or property search tools). You have to think of what works for your specific business not just your competitors or industry.

So to clarify, the number one rule for SEO for Estate Agents is that each business is unique and each business requires a different set of strategies to help them succeed online.

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