SEO for Estate Agents - Marketing Stats that may change your views

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SEO for Estate Agents - Marketing Stats that may change your views


Online marketing has changed so much over the years and has now become a necessity for all Estate Agents to have an online presence. With Social Networking and mobile starting off as nothing but a novelty for Estate Agency websites, it has now become the essentials for online success.

Many Estate Agents still doubt the social networking hype for businesses, thinking that it’s simply for kids and fun.

In order to prove these aren’t just novelty elements for estate agents websites and they actually are genius inbound marketing strategies, we’ve put together some stats to hopeful change your views on inbound marketing.

  • 1. 78% of people carry out research online before buying a product -

    This shows that modern and clear websites for Estate Agents are a must. Your business card is now Google, first impressions have never been more important. Is your website really up to scratch?
  • 2. Email marketing has dropped 59% among 12-17 year olds –

    This has actually dropped among all internet users under the age of 55. The prefered way to communicate is via social networks, text and instant messaging.
  • 3. 78% of working people use their mobile phones to check email -

    Pretty much everyone who can access email through their mobile do! Is your e-newsletter optimised for mobile?
  • 4. 91% of people unsubscribe from Business email mailers they previously have signed up for -

    People get bored easily, if your email mailers aren’t interesting and useful people will simply delete and unsubscribe. Make your e-mailer different.
  • 5. 57% of online businesses have gained customers through their company blog -

    Blogs? Good? Yes here is a stat that proves it. Start writing Estate Agents!
  • 6. 67% of B2C companies (including Estate Agents) have acquired customers through Facebook.

    Are you in the 67% majority or the 33% minority?
  • 7. Marketers who believe Facebook is critical to their businesses have increased by 83% in the last 2 years –

    Facebook has been proven to generate both leads and revenue. This makes it critical for many marketers. Many Estate Agents doubt the power of Facebook yet this is usually because they are using it wrong. Find out how to use Facebook.
  • 8. Businesses that actively blog get 55% more traffic -

    The more articles you write, the more pages Google will index, also meaning you are likely to have more inbound links. This will mean ranking higher on Google thus drawing in more traffic.
  • 9. Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead then outbound marketing.

    Inbound marketing is cheaper and effective. Modern marketing looks to be going in the direction of inbound marketing over the dated outbound marketing strategies.

Hopefully this has open up your eyes to the importance of Inbound Marketing.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant