Search Engine Stats for UK Estate Agents

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Search Engine Stats for UK Estate Agents


Every now and then it’s good to remind yourself of what is important so that you don’t start on an online wild goose chase which will inevitably harm your business.

The reason I bring it up this week is that an Estate Agent was looking to start an online Pay-per-click or PPC campaign on Bing. There’s nothing wrong with this, Bing can bring extra traffic to your Estate Agent website, but I feel that the Estate Agent might have had a change of heart if they knew a few things about Bing’s UK market share

This is the top 3 Search Engine Market in the UK according to StatCounter in numerical order according to June 2011 stats:

1. Google with 92.62% – yes that’s 92.62% of the whole of the United Kingdom turn to Google to service their search needs.

2. Bing with 3.53% - The next competitor to Google is Bing with around three and a half percent. Crazy to think that last year Microsoft spent a whopping $2 Billion to promote Bing in the UK.

3. Yahoo with 2.15% - Since Bing now power Yahoo’s search, that means that Microsoft’s search engine Bing has a combined UK market share of 5.68% meaning that Google have just over 16 times as much market share.

Of course a good web design company will keep track of all the major search engine criteria for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but surely if you were to seriously consider a PPC campaign would it not be better to place yourself where the majority of property searchers go?

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant