Scary Web design Disasters

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Scary Web design Disasters


What web design flaws really drive you nuts? If you have a website that is poorly designed it will really have a negative impact on your online efforts, likely resulting in your users bouncing off onto another website with a better user experience.

Here are 6 things on estate agency websites that will drive your users mad:

1. Poor property search or no property search at all

The majority of your audience has come to your website to view your properties. The property search will have to be able to search for their requirements, as no one will want to view all the properties that don’t meet their specifications.

Even worse is for your website not to have a property search at all, giving the user no other option but to sift through all of your properties listed.

2. Not thinking about multiple screens

Log into Google Analytics, select Audience > Mobile > Devices. Here you will see all the different devices people access your website from and you will be surprised by just how many different devices your audience uses.

Stop squeezing the desktop experience onto mobile and start giving your users a better mobile experience.

3. Uploading low-res images for your properties

Your website is your showroom for your property listings, so having pixelated images that are squashed and distorted doesn’t leave a good impression on your audience.

Ensure you only upload high quality imagery, offering multiple views for your potential customers.  

4. Pointless forms to fill out

Keep forms to a minimum, no one likes to fill out forms and it is extremely hard to do so on a mobile. You would be surprised by how many estate agents replace their contact information with a ‘Request a call back’ form still.

5. Using silly fonts

People need to be able to read your content, so even though the font may look cool to you, it may not be beneficial to your users. If in doubt about which font to use, then simply stay with the basics!

6. Too much content

Content is great and is vital to any website. However too much content in one go will overwhelm the user and deter them from reading it. You need to break up large blocks of text with images, graphs and/or videos, giving your content a better visual appeal. 

Luke Stanley