Rising Web Design trends

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Rising Web Design trends


Web design for estate agents is constantly moving, adapting and evolving but what can we expect to see more of this year? Here are 5 web design trends you are likely to see a lot more of:

1) Responsive web design

Responsive web design has been popular for years, however what was once a cutting edge trend has now became a necessity for every website. Overly the last year, responsive design has really taken off, especially after Google implemented the mobile-friendliness algorithm update which favours mobile-friendly websites over non mobile-friendly when it comes to SEO. Not only does Google favour responsive websites, your audience does too.  

2) User-focused design

Web design is no longer about being the most creative or unique, it’s about delivering the best user-experience possible.

3) Longer webpages

Single page web design isn’t for every business, especially estate agents. However, that doesn’t mean longer webpages, with more information on them isn’t valuable to you. Minimalistic web design is definitely favoured by your audience, which is why longer, storying telling webpages are on the rise.

4) Speed!

For a while speed has played a role in how you rank within Google, meaning websites that ignore speed will suffer. Not only does it have an impact on SEO, it also affects the usability of your website. People’s attention spans have decreased significantly over the years and if users have to wait for the pages to load, they aren’t going to hang around. This will put more pressure on web designers to increase page load speed in 2016.

5) Material design

Google released Material design back in 2014; however designers have been slow to embrace it. Web designers now seem to have a better understand of Material design and we are likely to see a lot more of it throughout the year.

So this is what we can expect to see this year from web design, so if you are planning to update or redesign your website ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Of course, you don’t need to include all of them; however responsive design, user-focused design and speed should be your primary concerns when redesigning your website. 

Luke Stanley