Retweeting: The easy way to provide valuable information

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Retweeting: The easy way to provide valuable information

No time for Twitter? One of the easiest ways to provide valuable information to your followers is to retweet relevant and informative Tweets posted by other people and professionals. If you use this as part of your social media strategy, you should retweet a few things each day that you think your followers will be interested in and that is consistent with your brand message.

This is an under used strategy amongst Estate Agents but can be a great way to keep your followers engaged and your Twitter profile active with minimum effort.

How to retweet?

Option 1:

There are two ways in which you can retweet a message. The first way is by simply clicking the retweet button underneath the original tweet (as seen below).

If you do this then the tweet gets send out to all of your Twitter followers, exactly as you see it above. However this will make it look like the tweet is from them and not you.

Option 2:

The other way to retweet (which is better in our opinion) is to copy the text from the tweet into a new tweet and adding “RT”. To personalise the retweet you can then add a short note at the end or at the beginning.

Here’s how:

1. Copy text

2. Click ‘reply’ (underlined) and then copy/paste into the box

Be sure to add “RT” at the beginning and a short note to the retweet.

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