Responsive web design for estate agents

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Responsive web design for estate agents

Responsive web design for estate agents enables a website to adapt its layout to multiple device specific requirements, meaning your website will be clear and easy to use on any device.

With flexible images, content and layouts automatically resizing to fit the screen your customers are using, responsive design is really the best choice for web design and even Google agrees stating that responsive web design is their recommended mobile configuration and refers to responsive web design as the industries best practice!

The benefits of responsive design:

1. Responsive websites are flexible, meaning the content moves freely across different screen sizes and devices. This means you only need one website, instead of having multiple platforms per devices such as a desktop website and a mobile website.

2. Mobiles and tablets are becoming more and more popular and with so many to choose from, responsive web design is perfect as it accommodates for them all. People need to be able to access your website 24/7 from any device they choose. Responsive websites make it easier for them to use your website without the hassles of zooming in, scrolling or pinching.

Key design elements for estate agents:

Every estate agency website needs to have several elements to keep their visitors happy. Without these elements your users are likely to go to one of your competitors who offer them a better user experience.

Key elements that estate agency websites need on every devices:

  • Clear, readable content
  • Easy to use primary navigation
  • Prominent header and logo
  • Easy to find and use property search function
  • High quality imagery
  • Clear property overview
  • Clickable buttons
  • Easy to find contact information

It’s no good just having these elements work on a desktop website and not via a mobile device, without these elements you will find your website beginning to suffer and your customers looking elsewhere for businesses that can accommodate their needs. 

Troy Stanley