Resource Techniques Launch

| Web design

Resource Techniques software development and web design solution provider for the property industry, have launched a new and improved Version 2 web site for Estate agents.

Resource Techniques are a highly respected provider within the industry and are preferred suppliers for membership organizations and media groups such as Team, The Mayfair Office, Tiadle News papers and latest Homes.

The new Version 2 web site is in line with Web 2.0 design standards. It has improved functionality and includes integrated Google mapping that plots not only property search results but also local amenities, within the popular Google environment. We have also made major improvements in search engine optimization.

An example of what Resource Techniques new Version 2 website is capable of can be clearly seen with the design of the productive website The most important product that a website can have is ease of information and the Resource Techniques Version 2 websites offers exactly that.

"Like most businesses, we have been exposed to the complexities of the IT world as the ever apparent requirements exist to improve the appearance, practicality and speed of electronic media and communications. Our experiences have been mixed but generally somewhat disheartening, that is until we had the good fortune of being introduced to Resource Techniques. Their interpretation of our requirements was first class. They were able to execute and deliver a plan in accordance with the agreed terms and were attentive and available to deal with any issues concerned, or matters of explanation that we required. Our move to Resource Techniques would certainly be one of our better commercial decisions for 2008" Penyards Country Properties 2008

Resource Techniques web design studio employs the latest internet technologies, ensuring that our customer's sites appear high in search engine rankings and a strong account management team ensures a structured upgrade path, keeping the sites fresh and up to date.

"Our new Version 2 web site for our Estate Agent clients is a significant step forward in terms of both web site design and technical functionality, in design, we've combined the latest web 2.0 design concepts for improved usability along with W3C web standards for better accessibly. Functionality has seen a huge leap forward with property search results being displayed within Google mapping as well as local amenities and with our objective firmly fixed on improved search engine optimization (SEO) we have included content management systems to include our unique news feature. The new Version 2 sites have been incredibly well received by both new and existing Estate Agents clients and orders continue to come in thick and fast"Troy Stanley, Resource Techniques, Technical Director

It is clear that Resource Techniques is committed to development of new and innovative solutions for this market and budget heavily each year for research and development hence the outstanding Version 2 web site.