Resource Techniques' conclusion from our free website review for estate agents

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Resource Techniques conclusion from our free website review for estate agents

Resource Techniques regularly creates an in-depth, 5 page report for estate agent websites. The free web review enables estate agents to view their website from the eyes of a website designer. All terms are explained and advice is given if the website needs some changes, but being no obligation, no sales person will call.

Many estate agents have benefited by our free web review by looking purely at the statistics of their website giving estate agents the chance to see the current status of design, functionality, and search engine optimisation (SEO) of their website without the hassle of a sales person.

Our experts at Resource Techniques have consistently found that estate agents that request a free web review have one of two types of websites. The first type has fantastic SEO but the design is very dated or, in some cases, faulty. Having first class SEO will mean that there is a large amount of traffic moving towards the website, but once on the website, the overall usability, design and functionality will turn users to a competitor’s website. SEO is useless unless estate agents have a website that caters for today tech savvy users.

The other type of website is the complete opposite of the first type. The estate agent website will be visually stunning and have a large amount of features but will have terrible SEO. Usually poor SEO is because of one of two reasons. The first reason is that the website has not been optimised correctly. Users will be able to find the website if they type in the company's name but the website will not be optimised for local SEO such as 'estate agent in...' and the local area. The second reason is that many website design companies stun estate agents with a website that is completely in flash. Flash is great for showing animation but currently its SEO poor unless expertly optimised. Many websites completely fail to do so.

Does your estate agent website sound like one of the websites we have mentioned? Do you find that you have a beautiful website but has minimal amount of traffic? Resource Techniques provides websites that are not only visually stunning but 98% of our customers are on page 1 of Google! View our portfolio or visit our web review page to see what is possible on your website or call us on 0208 457 4777.