Reasons to redesign your website

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Reasons to redesign your website

In the last 12 months, 68% of marketers redesigned their websites to keep a fresh, modern appearance as well as to help their branding efforts or to optimise better for SEO.

Modern design elements and clear navigation can have a huge impact on how potential customers view your Estate Agency. Your website should always be at the right level to meet customer expectations and enable you to fulfil your SEO efforts.

Here are some great stats to help you see if you need to redesign your Estate Agency website:

To keep a fresh and modern appearance

  • 68% of marketers did a website redesign in the last 12 months
  • 44% of online marketers feel an Estate Agency should redesign their website every 13-24 months.
  • 29% of online marketers feel an Estate Agency should redesign their website every 25-36 months.

Redesign for marketing and SEO purposes

Many companies chose to revamp their websites in order to align their branding with their marketing efforts or to improve their SEO campaign.
Here are a few reasons you may consider a redesign:

  • Websites with a blog receive 55% more traffic
  • Estate Agents who blog get 79% more followers on Twitter
  • 62% of Google searchers won’t go past page one of Google search results
  • 80% of unsuccessful searches are followed by keyword refinement... (are you optimised for the right keyword?)
  • When searching only 23% click on PPC links, meaning 77% prefer to click on organic search links

Other considerations for a redesign

  • 32% of people search more by mobile than computer. Mobile websites are now crucial to keep up with your customer’s expectations. Interested in a mobile website? Click here!
  • Blogging on an Estate Agency website has risen 28% in the last year. Is your competition getting ahead of you?

Whatever the reason, a redesign is inevitable for any successful Estate Agents. If you are unsure your website is up-to-scratch, why not get a free, no obligation web review to find out where your website is falling behind?