Reasons NOT to create a Facebook business page

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Reasons NOT to create a Facebook business page


You’re probably asking yourself, ‘why, why would a company that’s so clearly an advocate of social media for Estate Agents send out a newsletter that included a piece on why your Estate Agency should not have a Facebook page?’
Fortunately for you this will all become clear as you read this article (although it’s worth pointing out that this is a good example of how headlines can increase traffic on your website).
Without digressing too far, here are the reasons Estate Agents wouldn’t want Facebook business page:

  • You don’t want extra traffic for your website

Mentioned many times before a whopping 40% of the people in the UK are registered members, which is around 30 million people. That’s 30 million people who can all potentially ‘like’ your business page and then go on to visit your website. Of course, if you don’t want this extra traffic you don’t have to set up a page…

  • You don’t want to engage with potential and existing customers

Facebook is a great place to talk about property to existing customers showing people that you are the expert in property in your local area. Of course, all of this is open for all the public to read and possibly join in, but what Estate Agent in their right mind would want that?

  • You only want to be a 2D brand

Putting aside the fact that you’re spending more time engaging with your customers, Facebook gives Estate Agents a chance to show the human side of their business with Christmas and non-work-related photos. What Estate Agent would want that? Surely you only want to show people that you’re a big corporate machine that doesn’t care about people… right?

  • You don’t want to tell your story

Every business has a message to tell, but what business would want to separate themselves from their competitors? Surely vendors immediately realise that you’re superior in every single way without even having to get to know you.
It’s your choice.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant