Quantity of Content over Quality of Content

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Quantity of Content over Quality of Content


Keeping with the "4 things you need to know about article writing" article from last week’s post, I have decided to follow it on with the ever important question, "What is more important: quantity of the content or quality of the content?" in the terms of article writing.

For most Estate Agents they feed their website with content from a 'News Feature' tool. This is a very valuable tool for many reasons not just for Search Engine Optimisation benefit but in turn is only beneficial if it’s done correctly.

Many Estate Agents waste their time by writing long article that will have no SEO benefit due to them not having keywords, internal links within the content or even having copied content from other websites.

To get the full benefit from article writing, you need to know the key points to have a successful press release strategy. First of all though you need to decide what type of article strategy you are going to take... you can either blast out as many articles as possible or you can take more time and write good quality, unique articles.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages for Quantity vs. Quality.

Quantity of Content

Advantages of Quantity

  • Regularly changing content will bring the Google crawlers back to the website
  • If you have a lot of people following your articles then its nice for them to be able to see new updated material every time they visit your website

Disadvantages of Quantity

  • May not be written in good quality
  • Most likely will be second hand information as you need to come up with the ideas fast
  • Easy to duplicate content if you are in a rush
  • Difficult to keep it fresh and not repeat yourself
  • Can be very time consuming
  • Easy to forget about the key points (e.g. SEO benefits and User interest)
  • Need to keep it up to date otherwise you will lose traffic
  • You may miss out on the little things which will help with SEO like internal linking and keyword density (as you will be rushing)
  • If you are writing for the users and to gain more traffic then I’d advise you take this approach to your press release optimisation.

Quantity of Content

Advantages of Quality

  • Search Engines prefer this technique
  • These kinds of articles will attract more back links
  • Will normally attract a lot more attention as it will be fresh and new
  • More time spent means less errors
  • More time to focus on keyword density and internal linking

Disadvantages of Quality

  • More thought and planning needs to go into writing these kinds of articles
  • Will take longer to write a single article
  • Generally a lot of research will have to go into this to make it interesting and unique
  • Users may not like coming to your website and no new content will be available
  • People may not visit your website as frequently due to lack of new content

If you are writing specifically for Search Engine Optimisation purposes than this is the type of article for you as Search Engines usually prefer this technique because it is better for the users, written better, more interesting, unique and usually get linked back to a lot.

In conclusion depending on what you are trying to achieve from the articles depends on which strategy you take. There is always middle ground though. We usually advise Estate Agents to write between 2-3 articles a week. This will hopefully allow you to write for the Search Engine as well as bring in the traffic for your website.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant