QR codes with a twist

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QR codes with a twist


QR codes are on the brink of hitting mainstream media. As mentioned in the web design trends of 2011, we expect to see more widespread knowledge and use of the detailed yet simplistic barcode.

The UK has seen an astonishing 70% growth in the last year, meaning that around 11.1 million now own a smart phone (around a sixth of the population). As this trend continues into this year, Estate Agents need to consider what is the best way funnel this traffic onto their website.

It is worth noting at this juncture that the majority of the public, although they may own a smart phone, do not know what are QR codes or how to use them. If you decide to include QR codes within your advertisement, make sure that you include clear and concise instructions. Without this information the QR code will just be another miscellaneous pattern of squares on a piece of advertising.

Estate Agents can simply create a QR code and point it back to their website or they can use the new service from Paperlinks.

Paperlinks not only creates a QR code but it will also create a mini customisable mobile website that includes ‘modules’ (pages within the mini-site) such as Links, contact information, photos, video etc.

Once completed Estate Agents can then download their unique Paperlinks QR code to use however they like.

For advanced features, Estate Agents will have to sign up to their subscription service.

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James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant