Proof that social media works

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Proof that social media works


Let’s be honest Estate Agents are still unsure about the benefits of investing in time in social networking and let’s be fair, Estate Agents starting afresh won’t see any immediate results filtering through into their pocket.

The again, using social media for brand awareness, engaging with the local community and creating extra traffic for your website (not forgetting SEO) will never be achieved within a short space of time.

That famous UK property portal Rightmove has released information regarding the progress of their activity within social networks. They state that they have had a three-fold year-on-year increase from their Facebook and Twitter to the Rightmove website.

Not only that but they received 15 thousand likes in one month on their wall from 4,188 various fans working out at about 1 ‘like’ per person every 10 days.

Statistics like these are entirely attainable by individual Estate Agents. There’s not even a secret formula - by investing time, showing a passion for the property industry and adding a little flair to the messages that you broadcast.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant