Professional pictures straight from your iPhone

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Professional pictures straight from your iPhone


The iPhone camera isn’t a bad camera at all. In fact there are quite a few mobile phones that have cameras that give a lot worse quality than the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera.

If this interests you, we’ve previously covered articles on the best wide angled digital cameras and HD camcorders for Estate Agents.

But what if an Estate Agent wanted a little more out of their iPhone? Would it be possible to take photos from an iPhone that have that ‘professional’ quality to them?

Well now you can! All thanks to the EnCinema Canon EOS Adaptor kit, you can now take professional pictures straight from your iPhone!

Using the adaptor kit, Estate Agents can place their Canon EOS camera lens directly in front of the iPhone camera to take outstanding photos and videos from their regular iPhone.

The adaptor kit costs £199.99 and does not come with a Canon EOS lens. The website also suggests downloading the iPhone app ‘Almost DSLR’ to perfectly capture the picture you want.