Power robot on the line

| Web design

Usually the web design team here at Resource Techniques stick to gadgets that Estate Agents can obtain - this week is slightly different…

Clearing power lines cannot be the easiest job out in the labour market and is certainly not a stand on ‘career day’ at school. It’s a dangerous job that can have ‘shocking’ highs and ‘grounding’ lows.

Fortunately for all those Estate Agents seriously concerned, the clever people at Hydro-Quebec have come up with a solution meaning that it won’t be a ‘close call’ or at worst, the ‘end of the line’ for many engineers.

Our gadget in question is the Hydro-Quebec’s LineScout. It’s a unique piece of equipment that rigorously inspects power lines without the need for rubber gloves - or a rubber trampoline.
The LineScout’s genius comes from its ability to move past any obstacles by semi-detaching itself from the line and then reattaching itself. Not only that but it can also move past each pylon with ease.

For those Estate Agents that are interested, you can check out the LineScout video here.

If you are not, Resource Techniques will be resuming our usual gadget service next week.

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