Plug Mug: when you just don’t want to share

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Plug Mug: when you just don’t want to share


We love tea and coffee here at Resource Techniques and there isn’t a day goes by without getting a daily dose of caffeine fix – we’re sure that it’s no different for Estate Agents out there.

In fact we love tea and coffee so much that we’ve previously written articles on the Top 10 tea and coffee mug designs and the coffee maker from the future.

To add to our collection we have decided to write about the Plug Mug.

The Plug Mug is simple, yet selfishly brilliant. The mug literally has a plug in the bottom that can be taken out and hidden, rendering the mug completely useless to any grimy fingered colleagues making this mug the perfect gift for anyone with a little OCD with hygiene.

Reduced from £9.99, Estate Agents can get the Plug Mug for £5 from