Ping the musical social network

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Ping the musical social network

The iPod revolution was a new dawning for the Apple Corporation. Everyone that bought themselves one of those shiny digital music players also had to install iTunes onto their Mac or PC.

Arguably it is not such a bad crime but it has ensured that Estate Agents and people up and down the UK (not forgetting the rest of the world) have iTunes installed on their computer.

When Apple then announced that they will be making the iTunes more social, ears pricked up.

Now available on your iTunes, Ping is the social network that is designed so that music lovers can follow their favourite musicians, discover brand new music and share music amongst their friends – all accessible by a computer or through the iTunes app.

It even shows the user which of their friends has bought recently as well as the option of reviewing albums for all your friends to see.

Many reviews are reporting that Ping’s strong suit is not in social networking. What Apple has achieved through Ping actually reinforces the iTunes experience by concentrating on one thing – music.

Troy Stanley CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘This is perfect for people that love music as there are arguably too many social networks vying for our attention.’

More information on Ping is available from the Apple website and Estate Agents can download iTunes here.