Phantom Flex – slow motion HD at its best

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Phantom Flex – slow motion HD at its best

There are times that a gadget simply stands out from the others. This week’s gadget of the week is no different, although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Looking like the ‘ghost trap’ from Ghostbusters, the Phantom Flex by Vision Research is hailed as ‘the world’s most flexible digital camera.’

What brings the phantom flex into its own is its ability to phenomenally slow things down in full High Definition giving anything from dropping pennies to smashing a light bulb - and we all know the rule that slowing things down makes it ‘cool’.

Looking at the specifications the camera is able to capture an astonishing 2,570 frames per second and lowering the resolution means that Estate Agents will be able to capture an ungodly 10,750 fps.

Estate Agents may find it slightly difficult to record a stationary property in slow motion. Maybe thinking outside the box could add a new angle on marketing properties online – something unusual such like opening a door to reveal a sunny garden or a roaring fireplace.

For video examples Estate Agents can watch slow motion lightning and locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex.