Oulsnam Estate Agents Launch Mobile site

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Oulsnam Estate Agents Launch Mobile site

Midlands based Oulsnam Estate Agents have this week launched a mobile optimised version of their website, www.oulsnam.net. Oulsnam actually already have an iPhone and iPad App but have now developed a mobile site that’s been optimised to look and feel like an App, without the necessity of having to download of the App.

Users accessing Oulsnam.net via a mobile phone will be automatically diverted to the company’s mobile site, with an App style look and feel. The mobile site offers the latest interactive geo-location technology to find homes for sale and rent from wherever they are, with property data dynamically linked to their in-house management software and their property information is maintained in real time.

With the huge growth of the mobile internet market as a whole, Oulsnam’s strategy is based on the increase in mobile traffic to their website, which this year alone has seen over 100% growth from this sector and is currently running at just under 40% of the Oulsnam.net site traffic.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques, who have developed the mobile site for Oulsnam’s commented ‘currently over 40% of mobile phones in the UK are smartphones and in the 1st quarter of 2011 over 3.3 million smartphones were sold in the UK alone. Staggeringly almost half of all internet traffic in the UK is done via a mobile device. Oulsnam’s were one of the first estate agent clients to order a mobile optimised version of the website, today our order book is full of both native Apps and mobile website’

For information on Apps and Mobile websites visit our purpose built App and Mobile site - www.appsforestateagents.co.uk