Online Marketing for Estate Agents: YouTube UK’s fastest growing Social Network...

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Online Marketing for Estate Agents: YouTube UK’s fastest growing Social Network...

To have a successful Estate Agency website, online marketing has to play its part to ensure traffic is consistently driven to the website.

Social media has taken a big slice of the online marketing campaign due to millions and millions of users that are drawn to these popular websites.

When you think of social networking you will probably think of Facebook and for the right reason as it is king of the social networks but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should only focus your energy towards it.

Did you know that YouTube is the fastest growing social network in the UK, taking just over 20% of all Social Network visits?

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As this is a fairly big chunk of the social media market, I wanted to give you some tips on how to rank highly with YouTube.

So here’s how you make the most out of YouTube and rank within the results pages:

1. The Title of your Video

Make sure you put the keywords you are targeting into the title of the video. The title should be as exact match as possible to the keyword you are aiming for.

2. Choose the correct category

Choosing the right category in which your video should fall under is key to help YouTube understand what your video is about.

3. Tag your video with useful and relevant tags

Be specific. Don’t submit millions of tags, just the important ones that are relevant to your video. If your video title is “Estate Agents in Clevedon”, good tags would be “Clevedon Estate Agents”, “Estate Agency Clevedon” and “Properties Clevedon”.

The same with Search Engine Optimisation, Estate Agents really need to think about what users will be searching for if they are looking for your video.

4. Thumbnails

Pick a thumbnail that will draw in the users. You will automatically be given a choice of a few thumbnails (images taken from your video). Try to pick the one people will want to click on.

5. Promote your video

Make sure your video can be seen by the public. Post it on Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networks you are on to spread it around as much as you can.

You can even embed the video into your blog posts. This would target the people that may not have social network accounts.

6. The Description

Again like SEO for Estate Agents, when writing content make sure you add in the keywords you are trying to target. Try to put the keywords within the first few sentences as this shows YouTube which keywords are most important to you. Make the most of the character allowance but insure you use the main keywords within the first few words.

Don’t just keep repeating the same keyword though, as this may harm your rankings. Try to vary it throughout the description.

7. Get it viewed  

Popularity is something many suspect YouTube to take into consideration within its algorithm so make sure you send an email to all your friends and family to watch the video. Well they are there they can comment, rate and ‘like’ the video as well, all of which will help you been seen.

8. Allow comments

This will encourage people to interact and promote the video. If you are worried about people leaving bad comments you can set it up so that you have to approval all comments before they go live.

9. Get links to your videos

Like web pages, getting links to your videos will highly improve its rankings. Links show YouTube that your videos are worth watching as well as being an authority within your industry.

All in all the key to success on YouTube is to create videos that people will actually want to watch, rate, comment on, link to and share with their friends. If your video is dull and uninformative you will most likely fail.

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