On-site Techniques for great Estate Agent SEO

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On-site Techniques for great Estate Agent SEO

On-site optimisation is everything that you or your web designer can control on your website. This includes the content, the coding, the structuring and the image of the website. All these elements need to be optimised to get your website ranking within Google.  

So why is on-page optimisation so important for SEO for Estate Agents?

All your customers and traffic will end up on your website so obviously you need to make it worth their while. This means good quality content as well as easy to use and clear call to actions.

What are the key points of on-site optimisation?


1. Relevant information

Even if you have a beautiful website that ranks really well, if you don’t have good content on your website no one will stay on it. Useful relevant, information is vital.

Your content should be:

  • Clear
  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Up to date
  • Well written
  • Holds value to its reader

Without this readers will go elsewhere.


2. Clear Title Tags

For those that don’t know, a title tag is the text at the top of the browser window, it explains to the user and the search engine what that specific page is about.

As we all know the internet is a very competitive playing field. Creating well targeted, clear title tags can help you step in front. Make sure every page on your website has a unique, descriptive title tag which is relevant to the page and your target audience.


3. Correct use of keywords

Keywords are again what helps the search engines define what your website is about and what you are optimising for.

Make sure you chose the correct keywords at the start. Your keywords need to be relevant and localised (e.g. Estate Agents in Watford).

The keywords also need to draw in a decent amount of traffic and that aren’t overly broad (the more generic they are the harder it will be to rank well).


4. No spam

 Everyone hates spam! If your website looks or even sounds spammy it could have a negative effect on your SEO.

Appropriate content, useful information and relevant links will help show the readers as well as search engines that your website is reliable and trustworthy.


With all the algorithm changes constantly going on, one thing that will always be important is on-site optimisation. If you build a website with a modern design, has strong on-site optimisation, holds unique and valuable information for its users you will be safe within the search engines.

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