Olympic facts for Commercial Agents

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Olympic facts for Commercial Agents

Well the after seven years of planning, dreaming, sacrifice and sheer hard work the greatest show on earth has come to an end. Most of us have been taken along on a wave of euphoria. Hopefully this will last for many years to come.

It is now more than a week since the stupendous closing ceremony of London 2012, where we showed the whole world how to party. Yet we are finding that many of you in the commercial property sector are still talking to us about the Olympics. So, with that in mind we couldn’t help but notice these interesting figures released from Twitter HQ last week. We thought that many of you commercial agents and chartered surveyors would find them interesting too.

It’s All About Bolt

Unsurprisingly perhaps, Bolt was also the most discussed participant of London 2012, yet there were actually a further nine competitors that stimulated in excess of 1 million tweets. They were:

1. Usain Bolt – Jamaican Sprinter
2. Michael Phelps – US Swimmer
3. Tom Daley – UK Diver
4. Ryan Lochte – US Swimmer
5. Gabby Douglas – US Gymnast
6. Andy Murray – UK Tennis
7. Kobe Bryant – US Basketball
8. Yohan Blake – Jamaican Sprinter
9. Lee Chong Wei – Malaysian Badminton
10. LeBron James – US Basketball

However it was neither athletics, swimming, cycling or rowing that became the most talked about sport, but Football with more than 5 million mentions.

Most Talked About Moment?

The most discussed event of London 2012 however was actually a none sporting moment generating a huge 116,000 TPMs. The event? The return of the Spice Girls!

In a spectacle celebrating talent and excellence, isn’t it ironic that five such untalented individuals should generate the most chatter. One can but only hope it was a majority of sane people voicing their anger.

In conclusion, lets hope that the goodwill, confidence and wave of positivity that the Olympics have generated will rub off on the UK commercial property market.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant