New Rules of Web Design

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New Rules of Web Design


New web design trends come in and out of fashion every year and it’s no different with websites for estate agents but what really makes a website great?

A poorly designed website will guarantee little to no activity but creating a site that attracts new visitors and keeps them coming back for more isn’t an easy job.

Here are a few modern rules of web design you need to follow to ensure you have a truly great estate agency website.

1) Build with mobile in mind

The number of people accessing websites via their mobiles is increasing at an alarming rate and with this more and more estate agents are building mobile-friendly websites. However if your current site is hard to use or breaks on a mobile device, then you are guaranteed to lose out on potential customers.

2) Don’t neglect your content

Content is still king. People visit your website to access this relevant information, to learn about your services and to connect with you. So make sure it is really easy to find and read.

Don’t make it difficult to find, all the important content should be right there in front of them.

3) Ask yourself the right questions

Figure out your business objectives and goals before you start building your website. Who are your visitors? What do you want them to do once they land on the site?

This sort of information should be given to the web design at the start so they can build your website with your needs in mind.

4) Use images wisely

Where possible, make use of great images. Images stick in the mind better than content. Conveying your business message with an image can be difficult but if you get it right it can help you to achieve a strong brand message.

5) Trust the experts

The web design company you pick to do your redesign is likely to have a lot of experience in building and designing amazing websites. This is the reason you’ve chosen them to design your website after all.

Obviously throughout the project you should work with them to achieve your goals, but try your best not to get caught up too much with the design. Personal preferences can damage a website and you need to remember that you aren’t building the website for you but for your potential clients. 

Luke Stanley