Need help planning your social networking?

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Need help planning your social networking?


Estate Agents, have you signed up to ‘the big four’ social networks and thought to yourself, ‘Ok so what happens now?’

It’s time to get a little help.

After a while, flicking between the websites of your various social networks becomes a little grating, even with a saved username and password.

The slightly more experienced user will then start to use social platforms such as TweetDeck and HootSuite to combine their social networking efforts into one easy interface.

At this point I’d just like to add that Estate Agents should not use the same message across various social networks. Each social network has a different format, language and associated culture and by posting the exact same message to all networks will only confuse users.

For example, there are many Facebook users that do not use Twitter and they can therefore not relate to the (in) famous Follow Friday weekly tradition. It is then best to keep each message unique and customised to each intended audience.

Back to the subject, more experienced Estate Agents would have their various curated platforms but no real ‘feel’ for a plan of action. Updates are here and there, when there’s space time, but no real structure or targets to achieve.

This is what makes Social Made Simple so unique.

It has all the standard features, connecting networks and choice of which to update (it also gives you the ability to post directly to your Facebook Fan page), but it also gives the user a structured plan to give that much needed boost.

You will be presented with four different plans ranging from Beginner to Pro (and even a customisable plan), each with a target with how many short and long post as well as a target of how many comments from your posts.

Estate Agents then have one week to complete these targets and will be graded on their performance.

With daily notifications on your progress, this is perfect for anyone who struggles to find the structure to post on a daily basis.

The last thing to note is that Social Made Simple also has a content suggestion feature so not only does it plan actions and targets, but it gives you a little help with links that you and your followers will find interesting.

Clicking on any of the contents will then give you the option to customise your message and the social networks in which you wish to post to.

Social Made Simple has a 30 day free trial then Estate Agents will have to pay $19 a month  to use the service.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant