More iPhone 5 rumours

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More iPhone 5 rumours


The latest rumours of the iPhone 5’s size and processing power has been circling the web over the past week.

The rumour is that Apple is in the process of testing two new iPhones, the first has a dual-core and the second with a quad-core processor. With the previous rumours of the A6 quad-core chip for the iPad 3, it is more than likely we will see it in the iPhone 5.   

The second exciting piece of gossip is the screen. We already expect an increase in size by 4 inches but new reports of the screen resolutions suggestit could be as high as 1280x720 which would mean an amazing 365 pixels per inch (ppi). This sort of screen resolution would support the size increase rumour, since a 3.5 inch display at this resolution would be 470ppi which isn’t very realistic. 

The final rumour of a 1440x800 resolution display seems to be a bit unlikely as it would change the screen ratio and cause so many app scaling issues which we don’t think Apple would go for.

All the other rumours however seem to fit with what Apple would be expected to do with the highly anticipated iPhone 5.