Make Your Website Stickier

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Make Your Website Stickier


The internet is getting faster, you Google something, quickly scan the results, click on a page and within seconds you make a decision whether to stay or back up and find a better website. If you like what you see than you may hang around, view a few pages, find the information you are looking for and then possibly make contact with the business or sign up to a mailing list. However, if you don’t like the website then in a second you are gone and you are very unlikely to ever return.

This type of usage means that it is crucial to make your website sticky in order to keep those visitors on your website. And when we talk about stickiness we mean the ability to keep visitors on your website for longer.

Stickiness depends on content quality, visual appeal and usability.

Here are 3 things you need to do to make your website stickier in order to keep new and existing customers coming back for more:

1) Great website content

Content is a huge part of any website and while the internet is becoming more and more visual to satisfy the consumers short attention span, content will always have a huge part in a websites stickiness.

By creating your own unique and informative content and publishing it on your company blog not only does it add value to your website but it also helps to make you stand out from your competition. Great content in this form can make a first time visitor become a repeat visitor, leading to more leads and generating more sales.

2) Be more visual

Making a great first impression is crucial to keeping the visitor on your website and first impressions aren’t made by content, they are made by visuals. These visuals aren’t in place just to look pretty; they help generate traffic, leads and even sales. More and more websites are starting to use bigger, bolder and more beautiful images to grab and hold the visitors attention. The design of the website along with large quantities of visual information mixed in with content to help pass on the message is crucial to the stickiness of the site.

Your website needs to be modern, big, bold and beautiful to keep up with your audience’s needs.

3) Your website needs to be usable

Over the last few months Google has really been pushing the transition from traditional websites to mobile-friendly websites. This is because more and more people are using the internet from mobile devices.

It is crucial for your website to be easy to use from any device your audience might use. Simple navigation, big clickable buttons and easy to read content is vital for a websites stickiness. If you don’t embrace mobile then you are likely to lose out on a lot of business. 

Luke Stanley