Make Your Call-To-Action Irresistible

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Make Your Call-To-Action Irresistible


There are thousands of pieces that put together your overall online marketing strategy. A lot of time and effort is put into making your website look nice and getting people onto your website through SEO and marketing but what usually gets neglected is getting your audience to take the next step once they have landed on your website. To move your audience in the direction of becoming a customer you need irresistible call to actions. Not only on your homepage, but each page of your website should have some sort of next step to move them along buying process.

Here are 5 great tips to ensure your online marketing efforts aren’t being wasted and how to get your audience to take the next step on your website:

1) Pick your words carefully

The words you use within your call to actions need to be clear and to the point, but to be more enticing try to be creative.

You should also consider using text to provoke emotions, you can do this by making it more personal by saying “you” or add exclamation points to make it more prominent. By using text like this it can have an impact on your audiences’ actions.

2) Give them a reason to click

Competition is high in this digital age, so what makes you unique? Why should your audience pick you over a competitor? Whatever it is, find a way to get that across in your call to actions. This may be free consultations, free valuations, discounts, etc…  Highlight what makes your special!

3) Make calling easy

Mobile is on the verge of surpassing desktop search and Google reports say that 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call. Think about how your audience would like to contact you, as a huge number of your audience is likely to be viewing your website from a mobile, using call to actions like “Call Now” instead of traditional “fill out a form” is likely to be much more effective.

4) Numbers, numbers, numbers

Numbers catch the user’s eye, phone numbers, percentages, prices, etc. Using numbers within your call to actions will catch your audiences’ eye and entice them to take the desired action.

5)Make it idiot proof

The internet is full of people that don’t understand the internet, so you have to make it as simple as possible. The call to action should go directly to whatever it is you want them to do as steps in between can result in the loss of leads. 

Luke Stanley