Love at first web-sight

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Love at first web-sight

The web designers here at Resource Techniques believe in love at first sight. It hits you like a thunderbolt and Estate Agents know when they know when they’ve been bitten. The ‘love bug’ causes them to do strange things that they never thought they could do.

This love of course is for Estate Agent websites. Equivalent to a soul mate, Estate Agents know when they see the website that suits their brand and company personality.

Real love of your website design means that Estate Agents are proud of their website and show it off at any given point. They talk to possible vendors and use their website as a selling point.

‘Look at our fantastic website! Your property can be marketed online just like this one, with high resolution pictures in the latest image viewer, enhanced Google map search, Google Street View, email alerts and many more. Not only that, but our first page Google rank means that we have maximum exposure for this area.’

Have you fallen out of love with your Estate Agent web design? Maybe it’s time to get our free web review, giving Estate Agents the latest valuable information on their online shop window.