Locally mapped crime statistics: good or bad?

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Locally mapped crime statistics: good or bad?

Recently Estate Agents have all directed their attention towards a new police website that plots all reported crime onto a map. Speculation has led the property industry to question whether this will affect property prices. Here at Resource Techniques we ask should this function be placed within their Estate Agent website.

Firstly let’s take the positive, why exactly would and Estate Agent want to include local crime stats? Well the move would support the idea of open information across the internet and will show buyers that you take an honest approach to selling property. Standing out amongst your competitors, the functionality will attract buyers to the Estate Agent website.

Then again, would vendors like it?

Would vendors be happy that their property is marketed online next to a burglary, or worse a violent crime? Think about it this way, attracting visitors to your website is one thing, but would you risk alienating vendors just more website visitors?

Instead of adding features that distract buyers away from property details, Estate Agent websites should concentrate on providing functionality and a rich user experience that maximises the potential of each property and makes visitors feel compelled to click on the ‘contact us’ button.