LinkedIn - don’t set it up and forget it

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LinkedIn - don’t set it up and forget it

A lot of Estate Agents tend to set up a social networking account and forget about it within the first few weeks. LinkedIn is definitely one of the better known for this to happen among estate agents.

If you are guilty of setting and forgetting a LinkedIn page you may want to check it out as it now has a couple new features which really enhances your LinkedIn experience such as:

LinkedIn Today –

This is a new feature where you have the ability to follow influencers and thought leaders in business. LinkedIn will send you an email with the latest influencer posts, as well as what is trending within your network that may interest you.

This can provide great content to re-share through Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

How else can you maximise your LinkedIn experience?

1) Every new person you meet could potentially be a client. You are able to reach out to potential and current clients via LinkedIn. It’s a great place to start in social when reaching out to your audience as it is easier to send a LinkedIn request than a Facebook friend request to a person you have just met.

2) You need to post around 3-5 times a week. Staying active on LinkedIn is just as important as Facebook or Twitter. Post articles about your local area and the industry. If you haven’t updated your profile in a while, it may appear to the user that you have gone out of business...

3) Give to get! Give at least one new testimonial a month to people in your sphere. Give the people in your circle the credit they deserve and you may get some back.

LinkedIn can be a great platform to connect with potential customers as well as a providing great sharable content that can be very useful to your followers across the social networks.