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Spring in the parkMouseprice, the property website, are reporting that the UK's priciest place to live is on West Hill in Highgate, Courtenay Avenue, near the parkland of Hampstead Heath, with values of £6.8m on the average property.

Famous for its cemetery, Highgate was home to Karl Marx political thinker, and murdered ex-KGB officer Alexander Litinenko, George Eliot also resided there, although a street in North London's Highgate rates Chelsea and Kensington to be the most expensive.

Bernie Ecclestone's home came second on a grid, priced at £6.44m.

The properties hotspots are found in the five avenues between the Hampstead and Highgate golf courses.

With 5.16 million pounds being the average property price in Ingram Avenue, ranked above that is Winnington Road, coming in with an average of 4.73 million pounds and in the same area, Bishops Avenue and Compton Avenue, are just about making the top of the list.