Latest Google algorithm changes

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Latest Google algorithm changes

Earlier this week Google posted a blog announcing the improvements they’ve made to their algorithm over the last few weeks.

In a given year Google can make over 500 algorithm changes, but how will these changes affect your Google rankings...

Here’s a list of the algorithm changes that may affect your Estate Agency website:

  • Freshness update

As we already know Google loves websites that produce fresh, new content. Now they have made a significant improvement to how they rank fresh content. This change will impact around 35% of total searches.

Producing fresh content is more important than ever to improve your Google rankings. The best way to do this is by writing blog posts about your industry and local area and uploading them to your website.

  • Snippets with more page content and less header content

This change will produce more relevant text in the snippets. Google will now be more likely to pick text from the actual page content.

  • Better page titles in search results

One signal that generates a page’s title is the anchor text in links pointing to the page. Google say links with duplicated anchor text are not as relevant. Google aim to use more relevant titles that are specific to the page’s content.

  • Extending application rich snippets

 This enables people who are searching for software applications to see details, like cost and user reviews, within their search results. This change extends the coverage of application rich snippets, so they will be available more often.

Google have advised that this is only a sampling of the hundreds of changes they make to their algorithm and these improvements may not work as we think.

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