Latest <acronym title="Home Information Pack">Hip</acronym> Information

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Latest <acronym title="Home Information Pack">Hip</acronym> Information

Warning Sign PictureA petition has been launched by pressure group Splinta, campaigning for the sellers rights to put their home on the market before their Home Information Pack (Hip) is finalized.

From June the Hip would have to be completed before the owners could market their properties, the compulsory Hips are for all homes sold in England and Wales which are intended to give an energy rating for property and hopefully speed up sales.

At the moment sellers must commission a Hip before they can put their property on the market, but have a 28-day window for it to be finalized.

Initially the packs were to include a report on the condition of the property-and only applied to properties with at least four bedrooms in August, than in September they became compulsory for properties with three bedrooms, and in December for those with one or two bedrooms.

1 June 2008 was the date the government gave in December for the rules to be changed.