Jumping from viewing to viewing, literally!

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Jumping from viewing to viewing, literally!

Resource Techniques News - Becoming GreenBecoming green is a trend that many estate agents have started to adopt. Showing their customers that they no longer have a Bigfoot sized carbon footprint is increasingly attractive, if this is true, why not have a look at Powerbocking.

Named after the German inventor Alexander Böck, Powerbocking is also known as 'Jumping stilts', 'spring stilts', 'power stilts', 'Power skips', 'rocket shoes', and on the southern hemisphere it's also known as 'Kangaroo Shoes'. As it can be seen in the picture above, Powerbocking is a spring loaded boot that puts a spring in your step!

The science behind it is pretty easy: The downward force is created in each step, stride and jump. This gravitational energy is transferred into the springs that let the user bounce back, letting them generally jump between 3 and 5 meters and run up to speeds of 20mph and each stride is around 9 feet!

The Poweriser tread point is fitted directly under the foot which makes it an extension of your own leg. Estate agents can move in the exactly same fashion as they normally walk or run.

Powerisers or Powerbocks have claimed health benefits. They improve cardiovascular circulation, burn calories, tones, and reduces the collision with joints. Estate Agents can not only improve their carbon footprint but also get fit at the same time.

Imagine a property viewers surprise when they see their estate agent striding down the street without breaking a sweat!

Check out this video of the European Poweriser Team in Prague. The video shows a mini-Olympics style events such as sprinting as well as some dazzling stunts.

Also check out this video of an Office Poweriser Challenge. An office worker attempts 4 challenges in his office including walking down the stairs and sitting in a chair!

Remember safety first - wear protective gear such as elbow pads and helmets.

Powerisers or Powerbocks are available from around £180-£200.