Is Your Website Working For You?

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Is Your Website Working For You?


When it comes to websites for estate agents there are many ways you can go about building your site, there are different types of designs you can use, different layouts, different marketing strategies, etc but while all this may seem important, the most important thing you have to be concerned about is if the website is actually working for you.

Things that indicate your website isn’t working for you:

  • Low volumes of traffic
  • High bounce rates
  • Visitors not staying on the site for long
  • Your website is slowly losing visitors
  • You can’t be found on Google

If you think you may be experiencing any of these things your website probably isn’t working for you or your audience.

Fixing the problem:

1) Driving traffic to your website

Everyone wants to be page one, position one on Google, everyone wants thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter and everyone wants their website to get a million hits a month, however none of this is ever going to happen if you don’t do anything about it.

There are lots of ways any business can draw traffic onto their site. By doing things as simple as adding unique content to your site regularly or engaging with your audience through social networking can help boost your websites traffic fast but it’s important to get the main parts of your website right in the first place. Be sure that your sites navigation is laid out well and that your users can find everything they need easily.

2) Be optimised

What do you think your customers would search for in Google to find your business? Whatever the answer is that should be the main keyword in your site. With an estate agent, your primary keyword is likely to be “Estate Agents in (your area)”; if you believe it is and the keyword draws in sufficient traffic then it should be optimised within the site.

Being found in Google is an important factor for any website as it is likely to be your main source of traffic, so chose your keywords wisely.

3) Stay fresh

Most website falter by becoming outdated, the internet changes fast and a 5 year old website is likely to be dated in terms of design, functionality and content. Keeping your website up-to-date is crucial and having a website with a modern design and the latest functionality could sway your potential clients away from your competition.

4) Other means of traffic

  • Social media

Social media allows you to share your content and thoughts with your audience. Certain pieces of content may draw in large amounts of traffic.

  • Email marketing

Weekly or monthly newsletters can be a great way to boost your traffic and improve your brand recognition. If you are unsure about email marketing this article may convince you, is email marketing really worth it?

If you follow these steps and put these strategies into practice you may find that your website will start working for you. 

Luke Stanley