Is Facebook here to stay?

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Is Facebook here to stay?

If you haven’t got involved in Facebook yet you are sure to be in the minority. The hugely popular social network has yet to show any indication of declining, with over half the UK’s population now actively using the website.

Should you get involved?

These people are your customers, and the majority will be on Facebook daily. If your customers are on the social website then you should be too. Through the site your business will be able to connect socially with potential clients and show them your expertise in the field.

1 billion users worldwide

In 2012, Facebook hit one billion active users. It is the most popular website on the internet and the majority of users are online everyday checking their newsfeeds.

The potential for your Estate Agency to be able to interact with local people as well as solidify your brand through Facebook is huge.

Making your business more human

From a business perspective, Facebook is still in infancy. However Facebook have begun releasing tools and products to help businesses connect to their users in a more social way. Where Facebook excels is its ability to make your business seem more human in the virtual world.

The more familiar people are with your business, the more they trust you and in turn make them more likely to use your business in the future.

Interacting with customers, providing them with relevant information regarding your industry and local area and answering their questions, will make you seem more approachable.

Jumping on the bandwagon

Facebook business pages are free to set up and use, if used correctly can generate business and help you achieve more traffic and visibility on the web so is definitely worth trying out.

Facebook is where your customers are spending a lot of their time whilst online, so it gives you a chance to get your brand in front of their eyes.

The right way to use Facebook as a business is to be social. Establish brand recognition and your credibility as a business. Don’t just post property after property; vary your posts between local and industry news as well as posting your own articles, statistics and other interesting news.

Your aim on Facebook is to help your followers find what they are looking for and give them relevant information about your business. If you can achieve this, they are likely to become customers.

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