Is complexity ruining your Estate Agent website?

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Is complexity ruining your Estate Agent website?

There are certain rules when it comes to creating web design, and in all honesty, there are too many Estate Agent websites that do not live up to these rules. They are overly complex and do not have a clearly thought out process for property searchers to follow.

The answer is to simplify and follow basic home page rules. With these few changes, Estate Agents can see a massive change in not only the way that people use their website but also the popularity of your Estate Agent website.

  • Loading... - Firstly ask yourself 'how fast does my website load?' Internet users are increasingly impatient and a website that takes too long to load will only make that Back button irresistible to press.
  • Logo visibility - Simple and effective logos immediately establish the business before they have registered anything else.
  • Prominent property search - Let's make it easy for property searchers to find the properties that they want with the least clicks possible!
  • Featured properties - Featured properties are perfect to spark interest with vendors as well as buyers. The promise of a featured property on a brand new website can be quite alluring.
  • Navigation - Many websites are stuffed with too many navigation buttons to press. Stick to a primary navigation that is clear, structured and intuitive.

, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Is your website not following one of these 5 basic rules? It's time you contacted us.